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The International McGrath Clan Gathering 2020 will take place in the magnificent northern counties of Fermanagh, Donegal and Tyrone, the ancestoral lands of the Ulster McGraths going back over 800 years.

The base for the 2020 Gathering will be in the historic town of Enniskillen, county town of Fermanagh and built at the narrowest point between the beautiful lower and upper Lough Erne.

The Gathering 2020 programme brochure is available to download here:

Tickets for the full Gathering Programme are available here:

Clan McGrath GatherING 2020 – TICKETS

Lough Erne Resort – Venue for the Clan McGrath International Gathering 2020

The Clan McGrath International Gathering 2020 will be based at the wonderful Lough Erne Resort and will feature an exploration of the history of the Clan McGrath in Ulster and their influence in Irish society. At this McGrath Gathering we will particularly focus on the relationship between the Clan McGrath and the great Gaelic power players of the medieval period including the O’Donnell of Tyrconnell (Donegal), the O’Neill of Tyrone and the Maguire of Fermanagh. We will visit many of the ancient sites associated with the Clan McGrath and their role as diplomats and brokers in the fragile relationships between the Clans of medieval Ireland.

We will let you experience the life of your ancestors in medieval Ireland through a living history displays and explore our architectural, our cultural, our written and our musical heritage, bringing our diaspora together in an atmosphere of kinship and shared history.

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