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1. Religion, Power and Knowledge in Ancient Northwest Fermanagh

John B Cunningham

Our ancient places are often hidden, forgotten or dismissed in the modern world but they still retain an importance dimly discernible through the mists of time. The try to speak to us of ancient learning, strongly held beliefs, knowledge and an educated people. 
In this 50 page book, the Clan McGrath is proud to bring you an insight into this distant world through the work of Fermanagh historian John B Cunningham.  This volume goes beyond the cautious verdicts of some experts and archaeologists to put flesh and bones on those who struggled and thought to make sense of the ancient Irish world around them – our ancestors.

£9.99 +P&P Click here to order your copy.

2. Devenish Island Monastery – 1,500 Years of Fermanagh History

John B Cunningham

Devenish Island is a special place, a gem, set in the placid waters of Lough Erne, Co. Fermanagh – an essential part of who and what we are in Ireland.  Its monastery was not an aloof or elite entity, but was home to craftsmen and women, monks and scholars, doctors and nurses, teachers and scribes, historians and poets, farmers and labourers, fishermen and traders and it flourished for nearly a thousand years.
In this 32 page book, the Clan McGrath is proud to bring you an insight, through the pen of John B Cunningham,  into the Celtic church’s celebrated grace and nature as gifts from God and its recognised sacredness, love of mysticism, poetry and deep respect for the feminine including in its leadership and how Devenish Island became one of the most important monastic sites in western Europe.

£6.99 +P&P Click here to order your copy.

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